Who we are.

Our lab is powered by a talented, multidisciplinary team of researchers who have a passion for finding creative ways to solve hard problems. Members come from diverse backgrounds in biology (development, neuroscience, cancer, chemical biology), engineering (computer vision, machine learning, electrical engineering), and the mathematical/physical sciences (physics, statistics, mathematics). Lab members work in an unique collaborative environment of discovery and invention, and often work side-by-side with each other. Our areas of investigation are tied together scientifically through a desire to identify fundamental design principles of complex biological systems and improve human health, and are tied together technologically through quantitative microscopy, single-cell analysis, -omics technologies, computer vision, machine learning and mathematical modeling.

Positions available for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.

The Altschuler and Wu laboratories welcome exceptional applicants interested in working at the cutting edge of quantitative biology and drug discovery.  

Graduate students: UCSF students should send inquiries to Drs. Altschuler and Wu via e-mail (Steven.Altschuler and Lani.Wu, who are both @ucsf.edu) about potential rotation projects.

Postdoctoral applicants: Interested candidates should submit a brief one-page description of research interests and plans, a resume, and contact information for three references to Drs. Altschuler and Wu via e-mail (Steven.Altschuler and Lani.Wu, who are both @ucsf.edu). Successful candidates will be committed to high impact research within a collaborative, diverse and inclusive research environment.

Computational/quantitative scientists (all levels). The successful candidate will work closely with experimentalists to solve meaningful problems in biomedical research. Candidates with expertise in quantitative areas including machine learning, data sciences, statistics, electrical engineering, statistics, mathematics or physics are encouraged to apply.


We are grateful for all our funding over the years, including: NIH, NSF, Stand up to Cancer, The V foundation, ProjectALS, Pfizer, the UC Multicampus Research Program and Initiatives, the UCSF Program for Breakthrough in Biomedical Research (PBBR), the UCSF Catalyst program for drug discovery, the Rita Allen Foundation, the Institute for Computational Health Sciences (ICHS) and DARPA.